Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Learning To Love Laundry (Or Not)

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I have three boys under the age of five.  They eat a lot.  Like hobbits, they will ask for breakfast, second breakfast, and elevenses.  I end up spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

My youngest just turned one a couple of weeks ago (insert emotional tears).  He eats like a champ and has yet to refuse any option I've placed in front of him.  I love this age.

I end up with three or four dirty bibs a day. More (for the older two), if we have spaghetti or pizza for dinner.  I have yet to find a miracle cure for removing tomato sauce stains from clothing.  I have always used cloth bibs, which inevitably sit by my sink for a couple of days before they make it into the washing machine.  Even with terry backing, milk often still soaks through onto my baby's shirts. So, that makes another three shirts added to the already heaping laundry basket.  After the bibs and shirts have sat, wet, for a couple of days, they start to get pretty stinky.

With three boys and an active husband, and cloth diapering each of my boys when they are babies, I have learned to embrace laundry. I just go ahead and do at least one load a day, rather than letting it pile up and having a marathon on one designated day a week of washing and drying.  I've tried to make it cheaper by line drying when possible, and making my own laundry soap for pennies a load (thanks pinterest!).  Still, if there is a way to reduce laundry, I'm all about it.

Enter in The Cutie Bibs.  They are made of silicone and BPA free. I was skeptical at first. I thought they might smell funny or have a freaky texture, but they have neither. Instead, they WIPE CLEAN. I can simply wipe them off after a meal or snack with a washcloth and then use them again at the next eating event.  I easily have two dozen cloth bibs in rotation that are pretty dingy after three kids.  I can say goodbye to those and replace them with just two of these- one for home, one for the diaper bag.  No more mildewy monsters staring guiltily at me from behind the kitchen sink.

The Bibs came with two bonus silicone mats.  I use these to protect my wooden kitchen table from the perils of dried-on oatmeal, smelly milk spills, and fossilized pasta shells. I can keep the other one in the diaper bag for any time I'm lucky enough to eat out.  This way, I can protect the restaurant's table and not have to do the walk of shame out the door when my toddler inevitably gets food all over the place.

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